Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life On A Bike, Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Today, I went all out on the stationary for as long as I could. The worst part is im paying for it right now but oh well. I had the setting for small hills, up to ten resistance. Well for the first 55 minutes i went all out. After that the knees were just painfull.

I survived the last five minutes of the normal ride, then the cool down all at about half speed. I went 23.9 miles today. Had a mix of old school songs going tonight. Some 80's Slayer, and Metallica to keep me going.

Plus I did my customary ten sit ups, would've done more but the knees were giving me too much of a problem.

Been pretty good today. Had a pb&j sandwich, four chocolate chip cookies. Plus a bowl of ravioli and spegetti for dinner. Been drinking I think three bottles of water throughout the day. Unfortunatly also had a root beer and a sierra mist, I need to cut those out. Plus My power bar and a little bottle of gatorade before the ride. After the ride had a big bottle of gatorade and a bottle of water. During the ride I had my two bottles of water, just like if I was on my bike.

month 248.7 year 3388.7 hours 319:23
behind last year -719.4

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