Saturday, December 25, 2010

Life On A Bike, Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Merry Christmas to you all

Well, eventhough it was a holiday, I still went to the gym and rode. I got a new Barnes and Noble, Nook for Christmas, so I brought it with me. It was awesome, except for the fact that I really should remember to bring my glasses with me if I want to read while riding. Unfortunatly I didn't ride as fast as I normally do, but the time seemed to go by a lot faster so that is always good. I read, Pitching in a pinch, by Christy Mathewson, or at least the first half of it.

Ok now the ride, well I did light hills today. Only because I wasn't able to ride yesterday because the ride the day before still hurt. I mustve pulled something in my back during that ride or something. Plus my knees were still buzzing. The ride tonight went by like it was only a half hour. When infact I rode the usual 65 minutes, I only did 20.9 miles. The thing is my goal is to do over 20 miles a day, so I still made my goal.

Plus I did 20 sit ups, and some light weights on the arms, and the heavier weights on the legs.

month 269.6 year 3409.6 hours 321:23
behind last year -758.5

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