Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life On A Bike, 2011 Goals

It's that time of the year again, time to set my goals for the new year on the bike. Well, this coming year as it looks right now I should be able to ride a lot. Due to not working that much, and not covering every baseball game.

1. Ride to work as much as possible. I think I only rode 3-4 times all year in 2010

2. Make at least one, 100 mile ride. I did one in 2010

3. Ride 5,000 miles, I should make at least 3,500 in 2010

4. Ride at least 500 hours, I should make 330 in 2010.

To be able to ride 5,000 miles, I calculated it out to be 96.2 miles a week. I should be able to due that, at least I hope.

5. Stay healthy, big time goal, I had a concussion, and some pulled muscles this year that kept me off the bike a lot.

6. Ride with friends more, it get really boring on these long rides by myself. I need someone to mess with.

7. Improve my miles per hour. This year I averaged around 11 mph, that is a half miles up from 2009. Still not fast enough

8. Save up enough money to by a good road bike and equitment. It will take a few years to save up enough money but I should be able to buy one before I retire, I hope.

I ride a Trek 7000 hybrid. It is able to ride both road and trail, but it also will be three years old this year, and riding 100 miles on it is quiet uncomfortable as it isn't built for that much abuse.

9. Ride in my normal three or four bike events

Swedish Days in June, Biking With Beanzie in July, Ride Like an Egyptian and Northwest Century in September. Plus maybe add one more if I have the money.

10. Make my trip in mid May all the way up to Beloit, Wisconsin. It is almost 100 miles up there. Stay there two days and watch baseball, of course. Ride the bike around there a little. Then ride the 100 miles back home.


  1. re: #7. Gradually increasing your cadence will help with pace. What is your avg now?

    re: # 8. You can find decent used road bikes on Ebay and craigslist, if you know what you want. For longer rides, a steel, carbon or Titanium frame will be more comfortable, but you can improve the ride on your Trek with larger, lighter smooth tires running at slightly lower air pressure.


  2. average is around 11-11.5 mph

    no clue ot the road bike stuff, plus no where to store it anyways

  3. I dont know my cadence, Ive never thought to figure it out, i just want to go faster. I have a bigger wheel and heavier wheel set because of my size, so that makes it a little slower i guess. Im comforable on the bike, my main problem is upper body on the bike. the left arm and hand falls asleep regularly