Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decision time on who to cover

Well, i'm torn between my heart and my head in deciding if it is time to give up covering the Kane County Cougars. My heart is bleeding Cougar green, but i'm not really having that much fun any more covering the team that i've covered for the past 13 years.

I started to cover them the first year that I had season tickets back in 1998. I covered them because there was no coverage of the team. I couldn't find any articles in the local newspapers, or online. So I decided to put together a website and put together game stories. It was fun for the first eleven or so years. Yes, I know it got me a book deal to write about the team in 2005. That book really yes it was nice and all, but it really fizzled with sales and stuff.

Yes covering the Cougars has gotten me to write for for the past three years. I have had the privilige to work with a lot of great people. Melissa Lockard, Mike Knapp, Kevin Druley and Paul Johnson, plus Shawn Touney and Jeff Hem with the Cougars.

The thing is last off season I was conflicted, covering the Cougars really wasn't that much fun any more. I wasn't having much fun going to the ballpark every day. It got to be more like work than what it originally was. Granted I still love baseball. Maybe I just need to take a year off and do whatever I want.

Well, last off season I was thinking about it and yes i am a big White Sox fan. Yes I would love to cover the team, especially the entire minor league system, and the majors. I went through last year, and had a good year, but it's like something in the back of my mind is telling me something else. I had a blast covering the team, and interviewing the players.

This off season well the website isn't really that updated. I just don't have the want to do that right now. I am also still working on the boxscores from June, along with the player stats. I just don't feel like doing the Cougars stuff that much.

Well, im thinking of doing a website about the White Sox and their minor leagues. I am a big Sox fan. I just don't know where to go with all of this, and am looking for advice from my friends.

The White Sox site would be very similar to the Cougars one, except with the entire system being followed. This year with the Cougars, I would be going to about 10-15 games, instead of 65-70, im not renewing my season tickets. I would have to listen to the games online.

Sorry for the question folks, its just Ive always been up front with you readers and told you what was on my mind

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