Sunday, September 13, 2009

Only 207 More Days Till Opening Day

Well today I got up early and went for a bike ride, just like I wanted to do yesterday but didn't get up early enough.

I rode Warrenville-Ferry-Bilter to Church rd. Schmoner to Sullivan and then across the Fox River. Took Sullivan all the way to Deerpath road. Then all the way to Nelson Lake road to Main St. Took that into Batavia and visited Barb, plus got some more water. After that I took a wrong turn, I did not want to go the Fox River Trail but for some reason ended up on there, and took that to the Praire Path, Batavia spur over Kirk rd and all the way.

Took it untill it was near Eola rd, where the construction of the ramps to I 88 are being built. It goes north from there to Bilter rd then across Eola and south on the path on Eola. Goes right back to the path and then merges back to the Aurora branch. Took that branch to Ferry rd. Then it was Ferry-Warrenville rd and home. man im tired this is the longest ride I have had in a long time. 40.1 miles in 4 hours and 2 minutes. That give me 2895 for the year and 6302 since last May.

Ok time to work on the website,

2009 Midwest League All Star game is online 6/23/09

now time to eat pizza and watch the Bears beat the Packers

Pitchers stats are done for the following 2009 Cougars
Ben Hornbeck, Brett Hunter, A.J. Huttenlocker

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