Monday, September 21, 2009

Only 199 More Days Till Opening Day

Well, I wake up and its too fogy and wet out still to be outside and ride, so I guess I get to work on the website most of the day, this should be fun.

First boxscore of the day is finished

7/1 vs Peoria

also finished
7/2 vs Peoria

went for a training ride around noon, went 29.7 miles, which means ive done over 3,100 miles for the year, and i need eight more hours for 300 for the year on the bike.

Today I went down Warrenville-Ferry-Bilter rds to Church rd, south to Konem then onto Mitchell rd. Mitchell, i have never gone north on before from this point so it was something new. Its busier than i thought it would be but no problem. Made it to the corner of Butterfield (56) and Mitchell/Hart rds. I had to stop at the 7-11 for a slurpee break, i havent had one of those in ages and i just needed something. I also had to have a couple of chocolate bars to hold me over

after all that and some water i made my way north on hart to Pine st.that is one long hill. after that went through Fermi lab, which wasnt much of a problem, the legs were feeling great.

Out the other end of Fermi onto Batavia road and southeast towards home. Went down Batavia till i hit River road in Warrenville. took that to Ferry-Warrenville then home.

went and did my weight work tonight, i hate doing weight work, but i understand itll help me when riding. 20 sit ups and a lot of wieghts

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