Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Off for the Cougars

Well the Cougars had the day off, I was home sick with the stomach flu for the second straight day. At least today I was feeling good enough to get out of bed finally. I did get some work accomplished today and im pretty proud of myself for that.

I got five boxscores done on the website, this years boxscores are up through 6/12, along with the daily player stats, and homerun logs, and history pages are updated through there. I also mapped out my offseason work for the website. I hope to finally finish off the 98 season this offseason. It has only taken one year to get through. Then I might be able to start on a few of the 97 boxscores and stats. That all depends on how many boxscores I need to go dig up on microfilm from the library on the 98 season. I also will get all major league and minor league stats finished off. And my plan is for a complete record book, career and single season

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