Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only 194 More Days Till Opening Day/Ride Like An Egyptian

I woke up at 6 am, to be on the bike in DeKalb by 8. I made it. It was the second time ive ridden in the benefit for the egyptian thearte in dekalb. I really enjoy this event. It is one of the only ones ive ridden that has just one rest stop. it is in Maple Park, at a park., nice central location.

Well the first 11 miles untill the rest stop was hard, i felt really sore, especially my right knee and the back of my left knee, i dont know why on the left one. the right one has been bothering me latley. I made it and was told that my back tire was going flat. i dont have a pump but found someone that thankfully did, and knew how to inflate a tire, since im mechanically challenged. well it worked the tire is still got air in it

the longest part of the ride was the second option on the list of three that we could ride from there, i took it because it had roads that i ride when i got on my century attempts to malta and back. i rode down to kaneville and then back to maple park. it was 27 miles, since somehow i took a wrong turn. since i take perry road and they wanted me to take keslinger. oh well i made it. i was huffing and puffing but i survived. by that time i had done 39.5 miles

i need to do the finishing part because my goal coming into today was 50 miles. the finishing part was very hard. we went down to keslinger and took that for almost 8 miles. the bridge over 88 on keslinger was not much fun it is a steep bridge. then there are two nice sized hills on keslinger. finally i turned onto illinois 23 and was on the shoulder and then it was pretty easy the rest of the way back to the thearte.

we stoped at portillos in batavia on the way home as my reward. i love the dogs there, and the fries arent that bad either.

i had three milestones hit today. i hit 300 hours on the bike for the year. 500 miles for the month and 3200 miles for the year

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