Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Only 204 More Days Till Opening Day

Well I got up late, and rode 12.7 miles. Im off work today. I rode west on Warrenville to Naperville rd north. Then into Wheaton and too the Prairie Path. Rode the Aurora branch south till i hit the bridge over Warrenville rode. My brakes basiclaly gave out on me, so i had to call and get a ride home. Ill clean them up real good tonight and see how it is in the morning on my commute to work

home and resting then time to work on boxscores and stats

Finally got the boxscore for 6/26 at Quad City done

had to do maintaince on the bike tonight

2009 pitcher pages updates
Anvioris Ramirez, Jason Ray, Jamie Richmond, Josue Selenis, Kenny Smalley

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