Monday, September 14, 2009

206 More Days Till Opening Day

I started the boxscore for the game on June 25th in Quad City and got about half way through when i looked outside and it was an awesome day, so i had to jump on the bike and go. So i rode 30 miles. I rode over to work and checked my hours for next week. They are really cutting hours, i have one day next week for all of 4 and a half hours. this is going to hurt big time, but oh well at least i have a job, unlike so many other people.

I rode down 59th street to Clarendon Hill rd, and around Hinsbrook. Then west on 75th street towards Woodridge drive and north on there. Under the 355 bridge and then just like my normal way home from work. I will be doing that tomorrow, as I work tomorrow thankfully then I have six days before i work again, oh well i hope to get a lot of riding and a lot of writing done

time to work on the boxscore and figuere out what to eat for dinner. and recover fromt he ride. i think i need my knees oiled or something they hurt

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