Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only 200 More Days Till Opening Day

Dam, my legs are killing me this morning from yesterdays ride. I didnt get to do anything when i got home from the ride around 5, I just checked email and went to bed and woke up this morning. That ride to a hell of a lot out of me. Somehow im going to do around 10 miles today just to keep the legs going.

well i did a 12.7 mile recovery ride, the first part of going west wasnt too bad, my legs actually felt pretty good. I went down Warrenville to Batavia rd then to River rd to Ferry and to the Prairie path brige just past rt 59. turn around and realize that the way back is into the wind. I made it back going Ferry to Warrenville and home. my legs feel like they are about to fall off right now, but i still got to go workout at the gym tonight. I really need to get stronger and in better shape to do the bike riding that i want to do.

the boxscore from 6/30 vs Peoria is finished, the Cubs had Angel Guzman make a rehab start for the Chiefs that day

Also fixed the Cougars homerun page, I was missing a homer, found it 5/3 Matt Ray off of Trevor Harden of South Bend. Also fixed the boxscore for that days game as i had left it off of there somehow

Alumni Pages are being updated and fixed
Miguel Abreu, Jesse Acosta, Mike Affronti, Earl Agnoly, Chris Aguila, Phil Akens, Aaron Akin, Jason Alaimo, Antonio Alfonseca, Hector Almonte, Chip Ambres

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