Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only 203 More Days Till Opening Day!

Well I had a fun day, I was supposed to have the day off, but yesterday got told to go in 11-3. Well the store manager didnt know this so I got yelled at. Then it was so slow that i went home at 2 instead. This is so much fun having so much time off, but the money sucks. I dont know how im going to make ends meet at this rate.

Well i commuted on bike to and from work 18.5 miles.

Home and relaxing playing mafia wars on facebook. Listening to the mp3 player

now its time to actually try to get some website work done since i have the next four days off, two of them are my regular weekends off, then Friday and Monday im also off.

The boxscore for 6/28/09 G1 and G2 at Quad City is now online

All 2009 Cougar player pages have their 2009 stats on them

next up is the alumni

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