Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The rest of the trip

Well, we went from Fort Wayne to Caro on Saturday. It was a long five hours of driving. We get there and get to the hotel in Caro that we have always stayed at. Then I get to take the bike out and ride the five miles to my grandma's house. It was boring there but I will say this my grandpa finally got around to telling some stories which would end up being the highlight of the whole trip.

Saturday night I find out I have no internet in the rooms. My pa finds out no ice bin, and the tv breaks. All we get from hotel management is "If you don't like it, leave". So we were about to leave but somehow ma, talked him out of it.

Sunday was the reunion and it rained most of the morning. I had to go early and move about a dozen tables around and other things. That is the part of the reunion I hate. The reunion itself was good. We played something athletic for the first time in ten years. Not enough young people there ever to do anything. We played volleyball. We used to have a ballgame every year.

The rest of the stay wasn't that bad, we will not stay at the same hotel ever, we will stay in Saginaw instead. On the way home we went to Midland, Michigan to pick up some Great Lakes Loons programs and schedules. The we found this great restraunt in Birch Run. TOny's, oh man, a half pound burger and a full pound of bacon, it was great. We still have some of the bacon there was just too much. Then we drove down to St. Joseph, Michigan and went to the Texas Coral there, it was all you can eat rib night. That can be dangerous around me. I only managed a full slab, but wanted more, if it wasn't for Tony's earlier. We got home around 10 pm

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