Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Off Day For the Cougars

Well the Cougars did not lose today, they also did not win. Oh well, hey they got to relax and clear their collective minds, the first off day in 28 days. Wow that is some stretch with all the traveling they do. But then again I would love to do that much traveling and seeing ball games.

Well lets see today. I went to work, we had corportate there so it wasn't as much fun as it sometimes is. The register broke down during lunch, and the shift manager basically closed drive thru for ten minutes. Oh well, the rest of the day was fine, Hey it was a good day if you look at it this way, it was payday, what other kind of good day could it be

Only one more day of work, till Friday, on Friday family leaves for Fort Wayne, Indiana to see a ball game in their new park. After I see a game in that park I will have seen a game in every ballpark in the Midwest League again. That is untill next year when we get Bowling Green, Kentucky and Eastlake, Ohio into the league. Oh well

Yes I plan on bringin the bike along for the weekend, if all goes well with the weather I will leave here about 6 am on Friday for the border, and will be picked up somewhere near there on the way to Fort Wayne.

On Saturday it will be more of the same, leave early on the bike and get picked up on the way to grandma's house in Michigan. Hopefully we continue tradition and get pizza on the Saturday, I could really go for some Little Cesears pizza right about now.

Oh well, then on Sunday I hope to ride early in the day then at noon its family torture day, oh im sorry family reunion day. Two hours or so of hell. oh im sorry again i mean happyness.

Monday ride early in the morning then head over to grandma's house, then home, eight hours in the car with my folks, this should really be fun. Hey at least i will have my mp3 and my computer to work on.

Tonight the Cougars had no game, so I got the game for 6/2 at Clinton done and online Well at least I got something acomplished tonight, Hopefully I can get the 6/3 at Clinton game started a little, oh well

The fun part is when the website got hacked the whole server got hacked, so I got the website up and stuff yesterday, tonight I realize that my email isn't working right. I couldn't send any messages. Took an hour or so but the email is finally back up and working, thank god

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