Friday, August 21, 2009

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Greetings from downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. We got here around 4:30 this afternoon, it was raining and miserable. We get into the hotel and its a downpour, we get into the ballpark and it stops raining and becomes a pretty nice night.

The trip started with a trip to Majors restraunt in Downers Grove for brunch?. We left round noon heading down Odgen Ave. Made the turn onto 294 south and thats about when I started to fall asleep. I don't know what it is but on car rides I just fall alseep, I guess that can sometimes be called a gift. We packed the van so well that i forgot to plug the computer in, and couldn't get to the plug so I was computerless during the ride. Oh well, I had my mp3 player. We went on 80 east, then down on 65 south after the border. Finally we hit U.S. 30 and go west.

30 actually has a pretty good shoulder on it at least after Merriville, so I may try it some time on the bike, who knows. We went through Valporaso and through a lot of small town farming communties. Finally getting to Fort Wayne around 4:30 this afternoon.

The hotel was nice it is a Candlewood Suites, and it is the first time we have been in one, and it is great. I actually get a nice desk to work on. It has a kitchen and a fridge. Yes I know I can't cook or anything but come on, I gotta keep the beer and stuff cold somehow.

Well went went to the game at Parkview Field. First time we have been to this park. Now we have been to all the ballparks in the Midwest League again. We go and get into the parking garage that is attacted to the park (4.00 parking, not bad). Then we have to walk around the stadium in the rain to get to the front gate. Thankfully i emailed ahead for tickets, because it was standing room only available. We go in, this is about an hour before the game. Walk aroudn the stadium, and it is one of those that you can walk around the entirerty of the stadium. They have plaques on every beem holding up the upper deck, and on the light posts around the park. The have one from the Fort Wayne Wizards, one for the AAGPBL, and a whole mess of other teams and people in the Fort Wayne area.

We go out to the outfield, as we smelled grills a cooking. And we were right, I love grilled food. Right behind the batters eye is a grill stand, that serves some great rib tips, and footlong hotdogs. Both of which I highly recommened. The only problem I saw is they have Miller Lite (water) or Budweiser, and a whole slew of other beers. I drink MGD. Oh well I had to settle for a Bud. They also had a quarter slab of ribs at that one stand for like eight dollars.

During the game it wasn't bad, the park that is weird is the big screen scoreboard is on the back side of the parking garage in rightfield. It is way up there, it is a nice screen and shows all of the typical information on it.

Tomorrow we go up to Michigan to visit grandma. Hopefully I will be able to ride from the motel to her house in the afternoon, if it isn't raining.

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