Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 2 of the workout routine

Well, another day has been and gone. I survived it and thrived. The Cougars swept the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in the four game series, the would win 4-3. The finally come home after the 10 game road trip for eight games.

Today wasn't that bad, my back was hurting this morning so I drove to work. It losend up soon after I got there. Work wasn't that bad, busy and hectic but not that bad. Came home, and worked at the computer. Then went out to dinner for Pizza Hut. Ate too much pizza, but oh well, the beer was cold.

Then came home and started work on the next boxscore 5/25/09 vs West Michigan. Got a little bit of that done, then heard the the interview on CSN Chicago of Cougar pitcher Kenny Smalley was going to be on tonight, so I had to watch Sportsnite to watch it. Nice interview.

Then went and did my workout routine. This time I only road 5 miles on the stationary, as I have to hopefully ride to work tomorrow so I need fresh legs. Then did my standard weights.

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