Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14th

Well, thank god its Friday, Is all I have to say. The game last night went 15 innings, I didn't finish my story and stuff till almost 1am. I messed up and overslept, I guess I mustve turned off my 6am alarm and just rolled over. Well I was late for work, (10 minutes) for the first time this year.

Oh well work went well, I was off by 2pm, so that is the best part of it. The came home, relaxed and decided to go and ride the bike to the game tonight. That was fun, first time ive been on the bike in a while again. Well I went up Warrenville road to Batavia road into and through Fermi Lab. Fermi was hilly and took a while. The out onto Kirk road. The Kirk road path is a disgrace. It is so overgrown that you can almost not see the asphalt anymore, plus there is a manhole cover that is about a foot off the ground right in the middle of the path. Plus there are two nice sized hills towards the end of the path near the Elf. Well I went 13.6 miles, in just under and hour and a half.

The game, well they lost and really it felt like we were never really in the game tonight.

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