Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/12, Quad City 1, Cougars 4

The Cougars would put together just enough hitting to back a good pitching performance by Anvioris Ramirez to get a 4-1 win against the Quad City River Bandits.

Ramirez pitched a great game, he made one mistake in the six and one third innings he pitched. That mistake left the yard to lead off the third inning by Jack Cawley. Besides that he gave up five hits, one walk and five strikeouts.

The offense took advantage of some Bandits mistakes, including seven walks to score four runs. They hit into two inning ending double plays.

The first run for the Cougars came in the third inning with one out. Nino Leyja walked. Steve Parker then doubled to left center to score Leyja. In the fifth inning it would again be that combo that scored a run. With one out, Leyja singled to right then stole second. Parker followed this time with a double down the left field line to score Leyja.

The other two runs by the Cougars came in the seventh inning with two outs. Leyja walked. Parker then reached on a fielding error by the right fielder. Tyler Ladendorf would then triple down the right field line to score both runs. The rightfielder dove for the ball and came up way empty.

The Cougars did have some more chances, but one of the better ones was in the eighth inning. With one out, Petey Paramore thought he doubled down the right field line. Oh well, the base ump, Marcus Pattillo ruled it was foul, for some reason. Well Paramore went absoulutly nuts, and would be tossed, Steve Scarsone came out to argue also. Carlos Arrieche finished the at bat, and would walk. Arrieche would be picked off of first. This was the second time in the game that Pattillo would miss a call down the line that cost the Cougars.

Jose Guzman pitched well out of the bullpen. He would come in with men on second and third with one out in the seventh. Guzman got Cawley to line to short, then struck out Guilleremo Toribio. Daniel Thomas would come in for his second save of the year, he pitched the ninth, gave up a hit and got two strikeouts.

Well for all the folks that were too busy watching other things, while they were playing the YMCA,. Cougar radio announcer Jeff Hem, and offical scorer, Bill Baker were dancing the YMCA in their respective booths. We also had Jake the Diamond Dog there again tonight. Yesterday I open the door to the press room, and Jake greets me at the door, with his tail wagging. Today he takes a nap under the window of the press room before the game. I took a photo of it.

Tomorrow vs Quad City @6:30
Scott Schneider (NR) vs Mathieu Leblanc-Poirier (3-6, 4.36)

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