Monday, November 16, 2009

Only 145 More Days Till Opening Day

Well, lets see, Jimmie Johnson won the race today, and moved his point lead further ahead of Mark Martin. I would love to see Martin win a title, but I just dont think it will happen this year.

The Blackhawks beat the San Jose Sharks in overtime. Tonight was Jeremy Roenick heritage night at the Madhouse. It was cool to see him on the ice and drop the puck. The Hawks won which makes things even better. They now go on a six game road trip because of the circus coming to town.

I got the boxscore from July 22nd, 2009 vs Fort Wayne up online. I am way behind on my website work for the offseason due to a few things. Riding my bike, lazyness, and facebook. All in no particular order.

I did get my workout done, I rode 20 miles on the stationary. I still hate the stationary, but I need the work. Plus I lifted weights.

I am thinking about doing the Grand Illinois Trail sometime next year. It is a 600 miles ride from Chicago to Morris-LaSalle/Peru to Moline, Galena, Rockford and back to Navy Pier.

People try to do this ride all at once. I think I would drop dead if I tried that, no matter how much I worked out this offseason. I will do it, but at my pace. Im thinking 12 days, which should put me near 50 miles or so per day. The thing is I will not be doing it in consective days, as im not going to take off work to do this. I will do this on the weekends, and just mark down where I finished the last weekend and restart there. I hope to start this is Mid May.

The one part im really worried about are the hills from Savanah to Galena to Rockford. I rode some of those hills in the Northwest Century and barely survived, I really need to train hard this offseason.

So far this year ive put in 3,350.8 miles. that equals out to 337 hours and 45 minutes on the bike

So far this month im at 226.1 miles and somewhere near 20 hours on the bike

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