Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Only 189 More Days Till Opening Day

Well another day another commute, 18.6 miles. When I started out it was in the high 40's on the way home it was in the 60's.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Only 191 More Days Till Opening Day2

Well the wind was howling again today so no bike commute. Good day at work though

7/8/09 vs Burlington
7/9/09 vs Burlington

Only 191 More Days Till Opening Day2

Well the wind was howling again today so no bike commute. Good day at work though

7/8/09 vs Burlington

Only 191 More Days Till Opening Day

No riding outside yesterday or today for me, not with 20+ mph winds. I hope to go and ride the stationary at the club tonight, for about 10 miles. Hopefully I should be able to ride tomorrow to work, as long as the forcast holds out.

7/7/09 at Clinton

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Only 193 More Days Till Opening Day

Well, i'm not going on the bike today, my knees feel like they need to be oiled, and my entire body extremely hurts. Im taking the day off, then starting tomorrow on my commute to work I will start training for my last event of the year, the Pumpkin Pie ride in Ottawa, IL next Sunday.

7/5/09 at Clinton
7/6/09 at Clinton

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only 194 More Days Till Opening Day/Ride Like An Egyptian

I woke up at 6 am, to be on the bike in DeKalb by 8. I made it. It was the second time ive ridden in the benefit for the egyptian thearte in dekalb. I really enjoy this event. It is one of the only ones ive ridden that has just one rest stop. it is in Maple Park, at a park., nice central location.

Well the first 11 miles untill the rest stop was hard, i felt really sore, especially my right knee and the back of my left knee, i dont know why on the left one. the right one has been bothering me latley. I made it and was told that my back tire was going flat. i dont have a pump but found someone that thankfully did, and knew how to inflate a tire, since im mechanically challenged. well it worked the tire is still got air in it

the longest part of the ride was the second option on the list of three that we could ride from there, i took it because it had roads that i ride when i got on my century attempts to malta and back. i rode down to kaneville and then back to maple park. it was 27 miles, since somehow i took a wrong turn. since i take perry road and they wanted me to take keslinger. oh well i made it. i was huffing and puffing but i survived. by that time i had done 39.5 miles

i need to do the finishing part because my goal coming into today was 50 miles. the finishing part was very hard. we went down to keslinger and took that for almost 8 miles. the bridge over 88 on keslinger was not much fun it is a steep bridge. then there are two nice sized hills on keslinger. finally i turned onto illinois 23 and was on the shoulder and then it was pretty easy the rest of the way back to the thearte.

we stoped at portillos in batavia on the way home as my reward. i love the dogs there, and the fries arent that bad either.

i had three milestones hit today. i hit 300 hours on the bike for the year. 500 miles for the month and 3200 miles for the year

Friday, September 25, 2009

Only 195 More Days Till Opening Day

went to work, rode the 9.3 miles to work. had a couple of raindrops on me as i got there

day at work was ok, i guess, nothing special, my back was hurting a lot but thats always

didnt get a chance to ride home because of the rain, so i caught a ride

have the Ride like a egyptian event tomorrow in DeKalb

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Only 196 More Days Till Opening Day

Well i missed a few days, but oh well, nothing much changes in my life, work still sucks, and im still broke

Today i went to work, and ended up commuting 18.6 miles, im less than a mile away from 450 miles for the month.

New boxscore
7/3/09 vs Peoria, Aramis Ramirez and Reed Johnson rehab vs Cougars

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Only 198 More Days Till Opening Day

Well I had to go into work early today, 10 am instead of 11:30 which i needed because of how little ive worked the past couple of weeks. I was slow at work

I commuted via the bike to and from. I thought it was going to rain so i brought along some rain gear and i didnt even get a sprinkle. i guess that is a good thing. 18.6 miles, so im over 400 miles for the month

now its time to work on the website, and play mafia wars at the same time again

Monday, September 21, 2009

Only 199 More Days Till Opening Day

Well, I wake up and its too fogy and wet out still to be outside and ride, so I guess I get to work on the website most of the day, this should be fun.

First boxscore of the day is finished

7/1 vs Peoria

also finished
7/2 vs Peoria

went for a training ride around noon, went 29.7 miles, which means ive done over 3,100 miles for the year, and i need eight more hours for 300 for the year on the bike.

Today I went down Warrenville-Ferry-Bilter rds to Church rd, south to Konem then onto Mitchell rd. Mitchell, i have never gone north on before from this point so it was something new. Its busier than i thought it would be but no problem. Made it to the corner of Butterfield (56) and Mitchell/Hart rds. I had to stop at the 7-11 for a slurpee break, i havent had one of those in ages and i just needed something. I also had to have a couple of chocolate bars to hold me over

after all that and some water i made my way north on hart to Pine st.that is one long hill. after that went through Fermi lab, which wasnt much of a problem, the legs were feeling great.

Out the other end of Fermi onto Batavia road and southeast towards home. Went down Batavia till i hit River road in Warrenville. took that to Ferry-Warrenville then home.

went and did my weight work tonight, i hate doing weight work, but i understand itll help me when riding. 20 sit ups and a lot of wieghts

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only 200 More Days Till Opening Day

Dam, my legs are killing me this morning from yesterdays ride. I didnt get to do anything when i got home from the ride around 5, I just checked email and went to bed and woke up this morning. That ride to a hell of a lot out of me. Somehow im going to do around 10 miles today just to keep the legs going.

well i did a 12.7 mile recovery ride, the first part of going west wasnt too bad, my legs actually felt pretty good. I went down Warrenville to Batavia rd then to River rd to Ferry and to the Prairie path brige just past rt 59. turn around and realize that the way back is into the wind. I made it back going Ferry to Warrenville and home. my legs feel like they are about to fall off right now, but i still got to go workout at the gym tonight. I really need to get stronger and in better shape to do the bike riding that i want to do.

the boxscore from 6/30 vs Peoria is finished, the Cubs had Angel Guzman make a rehab start for the Chiefs that day

Also fixed the Cougars homerun page, I was missing a homer, found it 5/3 Matt Ray off of Trevor Harden of South Bend. Also fixed the boxscore for that days game as i had left it off of there somehow

Alumni Pages are being updated and fixed
Miguel Abreu, Jesse Acosta, Mike Affronti, Earl Agnoly, Chris Aguila, Phil Akens, Aaron Akin, Jason Alaimo, Antonio Alfonseca, Hector Almonte, Chip Ambres

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Only 201 More Days Till Opening Day

Wow, what a day. It started at 3:30 this morning on four hours of sleep. I had to leave home by 4:30 to get to the Northwest Century bike ride in Freeport, IL by 6:45. I made it without any problem. The thing that i did not expect is the hills, granted i have never riden out that way before, and have know known that i have never truely seen hills. I had to walk up at least a dozen of them, I hurt badly. I had previously said i was going to ride the 32 miles from Freeport to Warren, and guess what i did it. It took almost five hours to do it but i accomplished it. I also set a new speed record for myself with 31.3 mph.

now its time to recoup, and the Blackhawks first preseason game starts in an hour so i got to watch my Hawks

Friday, September 18, 2009

Only 202 More Days Till Opening Day

Well today i didnt have to work so i decided to do some work anyway. I rode from Lisle to Rosemont. I took the Prairie Path east to Manheim. Then took Manheim north to Rosemont. Dam do I hate taking this route, Manheim isnt much fun on the sidewalks, having to grip the brakes so much my hands are hurting bad right now. I made it up there, going straight past O'Hare, it was fun having huge planes fly directly overhead. Then made it to the Allstate Area (Rosemont Horizon) and picked up a box of 2009-2010 Chicago Wolves pocket schedule. Headed back towards home, had to stop at the McDonalds near the Horizon, I was starving.

The trip was 53.8 miles and almost 6 hours of riding, 7 and a half hours total

now its time to relax and work on the website for a few hours, not going to get much work done

I get to eat spagetti and ravioli mixed tonight as i have the Northwest century ride tomorrow morning up in Freeport, IL, it starts at 7am, which means we have to leave the house at 4:30 to get there in time, this should be a fun start to the day

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only 203 More Days Till Opening Day!

Well I had a fun day, I was supposed to have the day off, but yesterday got told to go in 11-3. Well the store manager didnt know this so I got yelled at. Then it was so slow that i went home at 2 instead. This is so much fun having so much time off, but the money sucks. I dont know how im going to make ends meet at this rate.

Well i commuted on bike to and from work 18.5 miles.

Home and relaxing playing mafia wars on facebook. Listening to the mp3 player

now its time to actually try to get some website work done since i have the next four days off, two of them are my regular weekends off, then Friday and Monday im also off.

The boxscore for 6/28/09 G1 and G2 at Quad City is now online

All 2009 Cougar player pages have their 2009 stats on them

next up is the alumni

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Only 204 More Days Till Opening Day

Well I got up late, and rode 12.7 miles. Im off work today. I rode west on Warrenville to Naperville rd north. Then into Wheaton and too the Prairie Path. Rode the Aurora branch south till i hit the bridge over Warrenville rode. My brakes basiclaly gave out on me, so i had to call and get a ride home. Ill clean them up real good tonight and see how it is in the morning on my commute to work

home and resting then time to work on boxscores and stats

Finally got the boxscore for 6/26 at Quad City done

had to do maintaince on the bike tonight

2009 pitcher pages updates
Anvioris Ramirez, Jason Ray, Jamie Richmond, Josue Selenis, Kenny Smalley

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Only 205 More Days Till Opening Day

Well finally i went to work today, it was only a four hour day but at least i got to work. I rode the bike and went a total of 18.9 miles today. I had only one problem Warrenville/Yackley roads on the way home i almost get killed trying to cross ever night but oh well

home and rest and work on boxscores

new boxscore on is 6/25/09 at Quad City

pitchers stats online now for
Matheiu Leblanc-Poirier, Chad Lee, Mitch LeVier, Justin Murray, Dusty Napoleon

Monday, September 14, 2009

206 More Days Till Opening Day

I started the boxscore for the game on June 25th in Quad City and got about half way through when i looked outside and it was an awesome day, so i had to jump on the bike and go. So i rode 30 miles. I rode over to work and checked my hours for next week. They are really cutting hours, i have one day next week for all of 4 and a half hours. this is going to hurt big time, but oh well at least i have a job, unlike so many other people.

I rode down 59th street to Clarendon Hill rd, and around Hinsbrook. Then west on 75th street towards Woodridge drive and north on there. Under the 355 bridge and then just like my normal way home from work. I will be doing that tomorrow, as I work tomorrow thankfully then I have six days before i work again, oh well i hope to get a lot of riding and a lot of writing done

time to work on the boxscore and figuere out what to eat for dinner. and recover fromt he ride. i think i need my knees oiled or something they hurt

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Only 207 More Days Till Opening Day

Well today I got up early and went for a bike ride, just like I wanted to do yesterday but didn't get up early enough.

I rode Warrenville-Ferry-Bilter to Church rd. Schmoner to Sullivan and then across the Fox River. Took Sullivan all the way to Deerpath road. Then all the way to Nelson Lake road to Main St. Took that into Batavia and visited Barb, plus got some more water. After that I took a wrong turn, I did not want to go the Fox River Trail but for some reason ended up on there, and took that to the Praire Path, Batavia spur over Kirk rd and all the way.

Took it untill it was near Eola rd, where the construction of the ramps to I 88 are being built. It goes north from there to Bilter rd then across Eola and south on the path on Eola. Goes right back to the path and then merges back to the Aurora branch. Took that branch to Ferry rd. Then it was Ferry-Warrenville rd and home. man im tired this is the longest ride I have had in a long time. 40.1 miles in 4 hours and 2 minutes. That give me 2895 for the year and 6302 since last May.

Ok time to work on the website,

2009 Midwest League All Star game is online 6/23/09

now time to eat pizza and watch the Bears beat the Packers

Pitchers stats are done for the following 2009 Cougars
Ben Hornbeck, Brett Hunter, A.J. Huttenlocker

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Only 208 More Days Till Opening Day!!!

Another day, more work on the website. Its Saturday so I dont have to go to one job, thankfully. Unfortunatly I don't feel that well, so I can't go out and ride the bike today, I should be able to go and do an hour or so in the gym late tonight hopefully, and ride tomorrow

New boxscore 6/20 vs Wisconsin G2
6/21 vs Wisconsin
that closes out the first half of the season boxscore wise, 70 games in the book

All of the 2009 stats are done for the hitters for the Cougars players,

Carlos Arrieche, Jeremy Barfield, Chris Berroa, Jason Christian, Dusty Coleman, Connor Crumbliss, Grant Desme, Leonardo Gil, Franklin Hernandez, Steve Kleen, Tyler Ladendorf, Mitch Levier, Nino Leyja, Dusty Napoleon, Juan Nunez, Petey Paramore, Steve Parker, Matt Ray, Michael Spina, and David Thomas

starting pitchers stats for 2009 Cougar players

Trey Barham, Anthony Capra, Scott Deal, Leonardo Espinal, Pedro Figueroa, Jose Guzman, Matt Fitts, Mike Hart, Shawn Haviland, Ben Hornbeck

Only 209 More Days

Till opening day 2010. I can't wait, it has been one day and i offically already hate the offseason. I posted one new boxscore on the website 6/20 vs Wisconsin g1, plus the hitters pages are up dated through Nunez, for hitting and fielding stats.

I rode 18.5 miles to and from work today, the ride took longer then it usually does i guess my legs were just tired today.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/10, R1G2 Burlington 4, Cougars 0

Well the season is over, the Cougars just didn't have what it takes to win a game in the playoffs. So now we have 210 more days till baseball returns to Kane County.

The Cougars would lose 4-0 to the Burlington Bees in the second game of the first round. The Cougars have not won a game in the playoffs since September 12th of 2006 at home against the West Michigan Whitecaps in the first game of the championship series. The Cougars are 0-7 since that game in the playoffs.

The pitching wasn't that bad today it is what kept the Cougars in the game tonight. Murphy Smith pitched well, he went six and two thirds innings, giving up six hits and two unearned runs. His main problem was hit deffense, which had four errors in the game. Compare that with the Cougars only having three hits, and you don't win many games.

The first two runs in the game came in the second inning for Burlington. Jason Taylor walked. Shawn Griffin then singled to third. Smith was then able to get Jose Bonilla to ground into a double play, Taylor went to third. Ryan Wood then reached on a throwing error by shortstop Tyler Ladendorf threw the ball low to first. Steve Parker should've been able to snare the ball but wasn't able to. On the play Taylor scored and Wood went to second. Fernando Garcia then blooped a single to left to score Wood.

The thrid run was in the eighth. Adrian Ortiz singled to left to lead things off. David Wood then singeld to left. Taylor singled up the middle to load the bases with nobody out. Cougar reliever Trey Barham then struck out Griffin. Steve Scarsone then made a pitching change to bring in Jose Guzman. Bonilla grounded one to third. Mike Spina bobbled it for an error. Oritz would score on the play. Ryan Wood grounded one more to third, and Spina threw home to get David Wood out.

In the ninth with one out, Patrick Norris singled off the glove of Parker, then stole second. Ortiz singled to right center to score Norris. Ortiz would be caught stealing. David Wood and Taylor both singled to short, the second one went off of Ladendorf's glove. Griffin then flew to right to end the inning.

The Cougars did have to get out of some innings. In the third inning two one out hits, would be erased by a double play. In the sixth inning with one out, and error and a single to no mans land between the left and center fielder's. Smith would then be able to get a pop out and a fielder's choice.

The Cougars had some chances, but just really were out played by the Bees. In the third inning they would load the bases with two outs. Dusty Napoleon walked. Connor Crumbless singled and Leonardo Gil walked. Steve Parker then flew out to center to strand the runners. In each of the next three innings they would get a runner on and strand him.

Paul Smyth pitched the ninth and gave up the first run in his career.

Next Year, 4/8/10 at Wisconsin is only 210 more days away.

Thank you all for reading my stories throughout the year, and I wish you all a good offseason. I will have articles with Cougar history on sometimes throughout the offseason. The website will have all stats updated hopefully before the first snowfall. Plus all of the boxscores for this year hopefully will be online by Thankgiving. After that I will be putting together a complete record book.

I would especially like to thank the following people in no particular order.
Pam Rasmussen, Bob Yahr, Dale and LuAnn Klein, Jeff Hem, Kathy and Terry Baumann, Tom Stuart, Dan McQuade, Melissa Lockard, If I have forgotten anyone Im sorry, thank you

Thursday, September 10, 2009

9/9, R1G1 Cougars 7, Burlington 12

The Cougars did not have the start to the playoffs that the envisioned when they left town yesterday morning. No instead it turned into an early nightmare, the were down 6-0 after two innings against the deffending champions the Burlington Bees.

Well the Cougars would come back and make it a respectible game out of it they only lost 12-7. A big five run seventh for them really helped inch them closer. Kenny Smalley had his worst outing of the year at the worst time of the year.

Kenny Smalley lasted only an inning and one third. He would give up seven hits and six runs. Not much went right for him, he would give up two homers and two doubles.

The first inning started with Patrick Norris getting a single to third. I thought that it should've been an error on Mike Spina. The throw was late, because he didn't put that much on it. Two outs later, Jason Taylor homer to left. The nightmare really got bad in the second inning when the Bees would score four runs. Jose Bonilla led it off with a homer to left. Jason Morales then singled to left. Ryan Wood doubled to left center to bring home Morales. Norris then singled to right to bring home Morales. Adrian Ortiz then doubled down the left field line to bring home Wood. The Cougars then mercifully made a pitching change, Josue Selenis would come in. He gave up a ground out to first which would score Norris from third.

The Cougars would score two runs in the fourth, all due to an error on the right fielder. Connor Crumbliss led off with a single to right. One out later, Steve Parker singled to right. One more out later, Jeremy Barfield flew one to right, the right fielder just plain old droped the ball. Crumbliss and Parker would score on the error.

Burlington answered those two runs by the Cougars in the top of the inning with three more of their own in the bottom half. With two outs and Selenis still on the mound, Oritz singled to center, then stole second. David Wood, struck out, but a wild pitch would allow him to get to first, and also allow Ortiz to get to third. Jason Taylor then made the Cougars pay for not getting out of the inning with a double to center to score both Ortiz and Wood. Shawn Griffin then singled off the right field wall to drive in Taylor.

More insurance runs for the Bees in the fifth and sixth when they would score one run each. In the fifth, Morales led off with a single to third. A bad throw by Spina would allow him to get all the way to third on the error. One out later, Yeldrys Molina walked. Norris would then hit a sacrifice fly to right to score Morales.

In the sixth inning a leadoff walk to Taylor helped them get another run. Two outs later, Morales singled to center to score Taylor. The final run came in the eighth inning for the Bees. Taylor led it off with a single to right. One out later, Bonilla reached on a fielder's choice, the ball was hit back to A.J. Huttenlocker who threw to second, and the Cougars tried for the doubleplay, but Bonilla beat the throw. Morales was then hit by a pitch and Ryan Wood walked to load the bases with two outs. Molina would single to right to score Bonilla, Barfield made a great throw to get Morales at the plate to end the inning.

The Cougars did score five runs in the seventh inning. Petey Paramore led it off with a single to right. Tyler Ladendorf then doubled down the left field line. Franklin Hernandez then doubled down the right field line to score both Paramore and Ladendorf. He would get to third on a passes ball. Dusty Napoleon would pitch hit for Nino Leyja and walk. One out later, Leonardo Gil tripled to center to score Ladendorf, Hernandez and Leyja. The Bees then made a pitching change, one out later, Spina singled down the left field line to score Hernandez.

The Cougars did have some more chances throughout the game to score some runs. In the second inning, Spina ledoff with a walk, a strikeout and a double play later the inning was over. In the sixth inning withone out, Gil singled down the right field line and Parker would be hit by a pitch. The Cougars would not advance then anymore than that for the inning. In the eighth inning Paramore walked. Ladendorf then singled up the middle. Hernandez hit into a double play.

In the ninth inning the Cougars would have the bases loaded and one out and score nobody. With one out, Gil walked. Parker then singled to center and Spina walked. Barfield hit into a game ending double play.

Tomorrow vs Burlington @6:30
Tim Melville (6-7, 4.00), vs Murphy Smith (1-2, 4.94)

Tomorrow's game is a win or go home game, if they don't win it will be a long 210 days till next April

Monday, September 7, 2009

9/7, Quad City 2, Cougars 4

The Cougars won their final game of the regular season 4-2 against the Quad City River Bandits. This ment the Cougars were 35-35 in the second half.

The Cougars would score first in the second inning with two runs. Mike Spina led off with a single to right. Jeremy Barfield then singled to right. Petey Paramore would walk to load the bases. Tyler Ladendorf would single to right to single Spina. Franklin Hernandez singled to right to score Barfield. Bandits pitcher Shelby Miller then got Nino Leyja to strike out. He then got Connor Crumbliss to hit into an inning ending double play. Miller was the Cardinals first round pick this past June.

The Bandits answered right back in the third inning with a run of their own with two outs. D'Marcus Ingram walked. Jason Stidham then singled to left center. Jermaine Curtis would double down the left field line to score Ingram. The Cougars then made a pitching change. Spot starter Scott Deal came out and Jose Guzman came in, he would strike out Xavier Scruggs to end the inning.

Deal lasted two and two thirds plus two hitters, giving up two hits and one run. Jose Guzman pitched very well, he went three and one thirds, giving up one hit and one walk. A.J. Huttenlocker and Justin Murray would pitch the last two innings.

Murray pitched the eighth inning in which the Bandits would be able to tie the game at two. With two outs, Scruggs launched one to left for a solo homer. Rich Racobaldo and Jack Cawley then both walked. Murray would be able to get Ryde Rodriguez to ground one right back to him to end the inning.

In the bottom of the eighth the Cougars would score two runs, basically because of one error. Spina led off with a walk. Barfield would then single to left. Paramore bunted then over. The Bandits would then intentionally walk Ladendorf to load the bases. Hernandez hit one to second. The second baseman tried to get the force out at second and the ball went into left field. Spina and Barfield would come around to score. Ladendorf would be out at the plate.

Wednesday at Burlington @ 6:30
Kenny Smalley (9-8, 2.73) vs Ivor Hodgson (3-1, 4.08)

Paul Smyth interview

Paul Smyth interview

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9/6, Quad City 1, Cougars 4

The Cougars would bring home a win in game two of the series against the Quad City Rivers Bandits 4-1 in the next to the last game of the regular season.

Matheiu Leblanc-Poirier pitched well in six innings of work, he gave up five hits and one run. He walked three and struck out four. He also threw to wild pitches. Trey Barham would come in an pitch the last three innings for the save, giving up only two hits.

The Cougars got on the board first in the second inning with two runs. Tyler Ladendorf led off with a single to left. Franklin Hernandez then tripled down the right field line to bring home Ladendorf. Dusty Napoleon would walk, and get to second on a wild pitch. One out later, Connor Crumbliss walked to load the bases. Leonardo Gil would then hit into a fielder's choice. On the play Crumbliss would be out at second, the reason it was a fielder's choice and not a double play is that Gil beat the relay throw. Also on the play Hernandez would score.

The Bandits answered in the next half inning with a run of their own. With one out, D'Marcus Ingram walked then stole second. Jason Stidham then doubled to right center. Crumbliss had trouble picking up the ball, allowing Ingram to score.

Kane County would score on more run of their own int he fourth inning. Hernadnez led off with a single to left, he then stole second and went to third on a wild pitch. One out later, Juan Nunez grounded one to third. The third baseman and the shortstop could'nt decide who should take it so the third baseman got the error and Hernandez came in to score.

The last run of the game for the Cougars came in the seventh inning. Nunez led off with a single to right. He would then steal second and get to third on a throwing error by the catcher. One out later, Gil would reach on a droped third strike, wild pitch. On the wild pitch Nunez would score.

The Cougars had one more good chance to score in the game, in the first inning. With one out, Gil nubbed one in front of the plate for a single. Steve Parker then reached on an error by the first baseman. On the play the ball went under his glove, Gil would make it to thrid. First and third with one out, Bandit start Jorge Rondon would then strike out Mike Spina looking, and get Jeremy Barfield swingin to get out of trouble.

Leblanc-Poirier also had some trouble in the game to get out of. In the second inning with one out, Rich Racobaldo walked, he would get to second on a wild pitch. Robert Stack then singled to right. On the play Racobaldo tried to score and would be gunned out by Barfield in right. In the sixth inning, Jermaine Curtis hit one that bounced against the wall in left center. It was originally ruled a homerun, but would be later changed to a double. Xavier Scruggs then singled to left. Racobaldo would ground one to third, the Cougars would get Curtis in a run down and tag him out for the first out. Stack then popped out and Ryde Rodriguez ground into a force out.

Tomorrow vs Quad City @1pm
Shelby Miller (0-0, 0.00) vs Scott Deal (1-3, 3.57)

Miller is the St. Louis Cardinals first round pick from this year.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

9/5, Quad City 7, Cougars 3

The Cougars would give up seven runs and eleven hits to the Quad City River Bandits in their loss tonight 7-3. Shawn Haviland had one of his worst outings of the year, he went into the fifth inning, giving up ten hits and seven runs. The bright spot was the bullpen. Joseu Selenis and A.J. Huttenlocker pitched scoreless ball the rest of the way.

Kane County would score the first run of the game, in the first inning. With two outs, Steve Parker singled to center. Mike Spina followed with a single to center. Jeremy Barfield then singled to center to score Parker. That would be the last run for the Cougars untill the sixth.

Meanwhile the Bandits would score all seven of their runs in that time period. In the second inning the Bandits got ahead for good with two runs. Jack Cawley led off with a single to right. Ryde Rodriguez then singled to left. Domnit Bolivar would but the runners over. Jarrod Bogany then singled to center to score Cawley. D'Marcus Ingram singled to left center to score Rodriguez. Bogany and Ingram would steal second and third. One out later, Jermaine Curtis walked to load the bases. Haviland would be able to get Xavier Scruggs to ground out to get out of the inning.

In the third Rich Racobalo hit a leadoff bomb off the screen in fron t of the non working scoreboard. I was hoping by hitting the scoreboard it would magically come to life, but oh well.

The really ugly inning came in the fifth when the Bandits scored four runs and batted around. Curtis lead it off with a double down the right field line. He would get to third on a wild pitch one out later. Racobaldo then walked. One out later, Rodriguez singled to short to score Curtis. Bolivar followed with a double to left to score both Racobaldo and Rodriguez, he would get to third on the throw home. The Cougars then brought in Josue Selenis and he would give up a bloop single to center to Bogany to score Bolivar. Ingram would then walk. First and second with two outs, Selenis then got Jason Stidham to pop up to center to get out of the inning.

The rest of the way Selenis and Huttenlocker would be perfect. Selenis with two more innings, with one strike out. Huttenlocker with two innings with two strike outs.

The offense wasn't that bad tonight, as they had some chances early. Franklin Hernandez walked with one out in the second, then would be caught trying to steal second. In the fourth inning, Mike Spina walked to lead things off. Barfield and Petey Paramore both flew out. Tyler Ladendorf would hit into a fielder's choice. In the fifth inning, Connor Crumbliss singled with two outs but would be stranded.

In the sixth inning the Cougars would score another run. With one out, Spina and Barfield walked. One out later, Ladendorf singled to left. It should've just loaded the bases, but the leftfielder Bogany basically threw the ball into the ground trying to get the ball in, so Spina would be able to come around and score.

The other run the Cougars scored came in the eighth inning, and it basically was a gift. With one out, Spina reached with an error by the shortstop. Three wild pitches later he would score. After the wildness with not two outs, Paramore singled to left. Ladendorf then blooped one to center for a single. Hernandez would line out to center to end the inning.

The Cougars had a chance to win the game in the bottom of the ninth. With one out, Crumbliss walked. Gil and Parker would both be hit by pitches to load the bases with only the one out. After the second hit by pitch the Bandits brought in their closer Dave Carpenter. He would strike out Spina on eight pitches,after he had foulded off three straight pitches. One the first pitch thrown Chris Berroa would then ground into a force out at second to end the game.

Tomorrow vs Quad City @6pm
Jorge Rondon (1-4, 4.44) vs Mathieu Leblanc-Poirier (4-7, 4.38)

Tonight was the last of the traveling entertainment for the year. We had Birdzerk, hit act has actually changed a little this year. The best part was he stole the glove of the first baseman Scruggs. Usually its the third baseman. Scruggs seemed to be having a great time dancing and played the fact that his glove was takin pretty well. Then Birdzerk as always throws the glove over the outfield fense.

Friday, September 4, 2009

9/4, Cougars 6, Peoria 3

The Cougars would win their final road game of the regular season, meaning that they were 35-35 on the road this season. Tonight they beat the Peoria Chiefs 6-3.

The offense came through tonigh with six runs and twelve hits. Two runs in the first and three in the sixth really helped. Jeremy Barfield and Tyler Ladendorf had three hits apiece. Connor Crumbliss, Nino Leyja all had two hits.

In the first inning with one out, Nino Leyja hit a double off of the left field wall, then stole second. Steve Parker would walk. Franklin Hernandez then reached on a fielder's choice, Parker would be out at second and Leyja scored. Jeremy Barfield then doubled down the right field line, Hernandez would make it to third. Petey Paramore walked to load the bases. Tyler Ladendorf would single to third to score Hernandez.

Cougar starter Anvioris Ramirez would give back the two runs in the second inning. Michael Brenly led off with a double to left. One out later, Jose Valdez doubled to center to score Brenly. Valdez would steal third and come home on a David Macias sacrifice fly.

Ramirez pitched five innings, giving up six hits and three runs. He would pick up his fifth win of the season. The other run he would give up came in the fifth inning. Macias led off with a double to left. Ryan Flaherty then singled to center to score Macias.

That would be the end of the offense for Peoria, as Scott Deal and Paul Smyth both pitched two scoreless innings each. Smyth still has not givin up a run as a professional.

The Cougars would not be done scoring in the game. In the sixth inning they got three more runs. Steve Parker, Franklin Hernandez and Jeremy Barfield all singled to right to load the bases. Petey Paramore would hit into a double play, Parker would score and Barfield would be out at second. The Chiefs then brought in a new pitcher, and Tyler Ladendorf greated him with a two run homer.

The final run for the Cougars came in the ninth inning, with one out Crumbliss doubled to right. Leyja then singled to left. Parker would hit a sacrifice fly to score Crumbliss.

Tomorrow vs Quad City @6pm
Kevin Thomas (6-7, 4.21) vs Shawn Haviland (6-10, 4.43)

9/3, Cougars 8, Peoria 4

The Cougars played a good game tonight against the Peoria Chiefs, they would win 8-4. It was actually a lot closer than the score looks, because of a hectic ninth inning.

Kane County was up 8-3 going into the ninth, Jose Guzman was on the mound starting his second inning of relief. Michael Brenly led off with a single down the left field line, then would get to second on a wild pitch. One out later, David Macias walked. Brett Jackson then grounded one to second, the Chiefs would get the force out on Macias at second. First and third with two outs. Ryan Flaherty then singles to right center to drive home Brenly. With that run and runners on frist and third with two outs. The tying run would be on the on deck circle, so it was a save situation. The Cougars brought in Justi Murray to close out the game. Flaherty would take second on deffensive indiffrence. Murray then walked Rebel Ridling loading the bases. Kyler Burke came up as the tying run. Burke hit one to the warning track in left, that Franklin Hernandez was able to track down to end the game.

The game started out well enough for the Cougars as they would pick up the first run of the game in the first inning. Connor Crumbliss led off with a single to left. One out later, Steve Parker doubled to right center to bring home Crumbliss. Peoria would tie the game in the second with a run of their own off of Cougar starter Murphy Smith.

Burke would lead off with a walk. D.J. LeMahieu then singled up the middle. One out later, Michael Brenly just beat out a grounder to short, to score Burke.

The next half inning the Cougars would score two more runs. Carlos Arrieche hit his first homerun on American soil, as he lead off the third. Crumbliss then singled to left, then would steal second. Leonardo Gil followed with a single to left. The leftfielder misplayed the ball, and on the error Crumbliss would score and Gil would get to second. Gil then tried to steal third and would be out. The next hitter, Parker then doubled down the left field line. It would've scored Gil easily.

One more run for the Cougars in the fifth inning, with one out, Gil would be hit by a pitch. Parker then singled to right. Hernandez then grounded one to second. The second baseman bobbled the ball, and somehow Parker would be called safe at second. On the play Gil would score and Hernandez would get a fielder's choice. The Chiefs would bring in a new hurler. Jeremy Barfield walked to load the bases. Petey Paramore would hit into the inning ending double play.

Peoria did score one more run in the sixth inning. Ridling lead it off with a single to right. Burke would walk, and LeMahieu then singled to right to load the bases. The Cougars would then bring in Trey Barham to replace Smith. Barham got Nelson Perez to ground one to Parker at first who threw home to get Ridling at the plate for the first out. Brenly then hit a sacrifice fly to center to score Burke. Junior Lake then hit into a force out at second to end the inning. Barham did a nice job to get out of the inning with only one run scoring, after he came in with the bases loaded and nobody out.

Four runs in the seventh for the Cougars, you would think that would put the icing on the cake for this game. Crumbliss lead off with a walk. One out later, Parker would be hit by a pitch. One more out later, Barfield singled to center to score Crumbliss. Paramore then singled to left to score Parker. The Chiefs would then bring in a new pitcher to face Tyler Ladendorf. Ladendorf then doubled down then right field line to score both Barfield and Paramore.

Rebel Ridling launched a shot to lead off the eighth for the Chiefs. The one other inning when the Chiefs had a chance to score some runs came in the fifth inning off of Smith. Perez led off with a bunt single to third. Brenly would then be hit by a pitch. Lake then hit into a fielder's choice, with Brenly out at second. Macias walked, this loaded the bases with only one out. Smith would then get Brett Jackson and Ryan Flaherty both looking on strikes to strand the runners.

Smith went into the sixth, giving up four hits and two runs. He walked three and struck out four. Trey Barham pitched two perfect innings. Connor Crumbliss got on base four out of the five times he came to the plate Steve Parker reached base all five plate appearances, on his birthday. He had two doubles and a single, driving in a run and scoring a run.

The Cougars did have a couple of other chances to score some runs. In the eighth inning with one out, Crumbliss doubled down the right field line. One out later, Parker walked. Hernadnez would ground out to end the inning. In the ninth Paramore walked with one out, but would be stranded at third.

Tomorrow at Peoria @ 6:30
Anvioris Ramirez (4-2, 3.06) vs Austin Bibens-Dirkx (7-1, 1.66)

Mike Spina did not play because of flu like symptoms.Daniel Thomas was sent home, after going on the disabled list yesterday.

The 2010 schedule is posted up on the website, We open April 8th in all placed, Appleton, Wisconsin. Do I hear three straight snow outs?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9/2, Cougars 2, Peoria 3

The Cougars had their chances to win tonights game, but just couldn't get that one hit when needed. They would lose to the Peoria Chiefs 3-2.

Kenny Smalley started and pitched ok, He went five innings giving up four hits and only one run. That one run was lucky, because he walked three and hit two. He had runners on base throughout his outing, the Chiefs would strand nine in the game.

The Chiefs scored first in the third inning. With one out, Smalley hit Brett Jackson. Ryan Flaherty then walked, and Smalley then loaded the bases by hitting Rebel Ridling. Kyler Burke would hit a sacrifice fly to center to bring home Jackson. D.J. LeMahieu would fly to center to end the inning.

That would be the only run against Smalley, but chances did come against him. In the second inning Burke led off with a single to right center. LeMahieu then grounded one to first. Steve Parker stepped on the bag and threw to second for the double play. Nelson Perez followed with a single to left. Mario Mercedes then doubled down the right field line to get Perez to third. Junior Lake would ground out to end the inning.

In the fourth inning, Perez led off with a double down the left field line. Two outs later, and with Perez at third, Jose Valdez walked. Valdez would be picked off of first, by Smalley on the fake to third throw to first trick.

The Cougars first run came in the fourth inning. Connor Crumbliss led off with a single to right, he would get to second on a balk. One out later, Parker singled to right center to score Crumbliss.

Peoria added two more runs in the later part of the game. In the sixth off of A.J. Huttenlocker, LeMahieu led off with a double down the right field line. Two outs later, Lake grounded one to third. The ump says that Lake beat the throw, I don't know. It was scored a hit, LeMahieu would score on the play.

The other run the Chiefs got came in the seventh inning when Jackson led off by launching one into the night towards right field.

In the ninth inning, down two runs the Cougars would have a chance. Parker led off with a single to left. Mike Spina then walked. Franklin Hernandez took a tough pitch and put down a good sacrifice bunt to move the runners along. Jeremy Barfield then hit a sacrifice fly to right to score Parker. Spina also tagged and just made it into third before the throw. Petey Paramore would come up with the tying run on third and two outs. He would fly to center to end the game.

Tomorrow at Peoria @6:30
Murphy Smith (1-2, 4.94) vs Justin Bristow (5-7, 4.31)

The Cougars made a roster move today as Daniel Thomas was placed on the disabled list with shoulder soreness. Carlos Arrieche was taken off of the disabled list.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Off for the Cougars

Well the Cougars had the day off, I was home sick with the stomach flu for the second straight day. At least today I was feeling good enough to get out of bed finally. I did get some work accomplished today and im pretty proud of myself for that.

I got five boxscores done on the website, this years boxscores are up through 6/12, along with the daily player stats, and homerun logs, and history pages are updated through there. I also mapped out my offseason work for the website. I hope to finally finish off the 98 season this offseason. It has only taken one year to get through. Then I might be able to start on a few of the 97 boxscores and stats. That all depends on how many boxscores I need to go dig up on microfilm from the library on the 98 season. I also will get all major league and minor league stats finished off. And my plan is for a complete record book, career and single season