Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Only 144 More Days Till Opening Day

Today wasnt that bad for a Monday. I mean I worked 5 hours, and got a break for the first time in a while. I wish we were busier because I would like at least six hour days five days a week, but right now I will take what I can get.

Came home and found a few packages of schedules on my desk. I got somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 new schedules. I think I only have five or six doubles. Mostly from 04-08, which fills in a lot of gaps in my collection.

Watch, Dinner Drive Ins and Dives on the food network. it was another good show. One whole show about turkey, yuk.

Former Cougars Andrew Bailey got the American League Rookie of the Year award, so that is a great thing that happend today.

I went and worked out, I did 20 miles on the hated stationary bike. plus I did my full weight workout. Those first 10 I thought were the slowest I had ever done on that bike, that was untill I did the second ten. Yikes, 35 minutes to do 10 miles on a stationary.

Right now my legs are hurting, im tired. and I have to get up at six in the morning to be at work at 8. I have a six hour day tomorrow. Then its off to get my fall haircut, im only two months late on it but oh well, I think I kind of need it.

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