Sunday, July 26, 2009

Melon Metric , Plano, IL

I rode the Melon Metric ride in Plano this morning. Getting up at 4:30 in the morning to get out of here by 5:30 to be there by 6:30 is exhausting. I got up after about two hours of sleep last night, because my legs were sore, so I wasn't able to sleep very well.

The Melon started out pretty well, I felt good the first ten miles, which is odd for me, as I usually feel horrible the first 20 miles of any ride. Then I hit two big hills on Griswold Springs road, I believe it was on that road. But those hills were very steep and killed me. I am happy though I did not get off the bike and walk it up the hills like I have done in the past. I paid for it leg wise as I barley made it to the rest stop in one piece it felt. The last five miles to the rest stop felt like it took forever.

The rest stop was nice, they had banana's, fruit and most importantly water, much needed water. I stayed there about a half hour because I was exhausted.

The second half of the short ride (30 miles) wasn't as far as the first, so that helped, but there were two nice sized hills, that hurt pretty badley. I was so happy when I saw the lights of the stadium at Plano high school (Home of the Reapers)

I saw a cow farm, a horse farm, a pig farm, and lots and lots of corn.

I rode 30.1 miles in 3:14:16,

I will ride this one again, as this is the first one that I have done a second time, since this one last year was my first one ever.

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