Saturday, July 18, 2009


Is there a reason why as a biker, you get constantly barked at by dogs. Especially while riding the Illinois Prairie Path. That plus the traffic of getting past Farnsworth, and Route 25 is nearly impossible. Then riding down the Fox River Trail, is fun seeing the Fox River is great. I just wish the trail went further south past Washington st in Oswego. That would be great.

Plus riding on Plainfield road east of Aurora on the two lane road that is busy. Thankfully there is just enough shoulder so I can survive the ride. Then you get to what the maps say is Stewart rd. All the signs and stuff say Ridge rd. It becomes Naperville-Plainfield road eventually. There is a lot of confusion on that one though. Then just west of Plainfield I get a 10 minute or so downpour. It said there was only supposed to be a 30% chance of rain today at 3pm. Do the rain clouds have radar and find me.

Oh well I went 38 miles of fun, soak and wet. It was training for tomorrow's Biking with Beanzie ride in DeKalb. This is my third event of the year. Next Sunday I have the Melon Metric in Plano. I need a lot of training between now and them I guess

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