Friday, July 17, 2009

East coast ESPN

Is there a reason why ESPN has to show just Red Sox and Yankee highlights when it comes to baseball. They endlessly hype that series, and anytime either of the team play that is the lead on Sportscenter. It really gets annoying and is a major reason my I turn to Major League Baseball Network now for my highlights. Everytime there is news of any sort from either of thsoe teams they are all on it.

Plus is there a reason that ESPN covers football, college and pro, more heavily than it ever covers baseball. I mean in the offseason especially. Plus they cover Brett Farve around like they are stalking his every move. It is absoulutly ridicoulous, that they have to put so much into one player. Evertime I turn on ESPNNEWS to get the scores its Farve this, Farve that, we dont need to here about every time he goes to the bathroom people, really, we don't need to here about it.

Everytime there is a minor move in football, it is a big story on ESPN, in either college or pro football even in the offseason. They have NFL2NIGHT everynight it seems during the offseason and cover or overcover the sport. During the baseball offseason Baseball Tonight is on only at the meeting in December and just before spring training. Plus they don't cover every little move that goes on throughout the sport.

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