Sunday, July 19, 2009

Biking with Beanzie , DeKalb 7/19

Rode the biking with Beanzie ride today, man my knees hurt right now. I only survived 32.8 miles, I want to do the 42.1 but ran out of steam. I rode for 3:32 minutes, which was way longer than it should've takin. Im slowing down some how, I need to find more speed. I was barley able to do 9.5 miles an hour, which sucks. I was doing 10.5 mph in May, now ive lost a whole mile an hour. I guess its back to training real hard. I have the Melon Metric coming up next Sunday, and that should really be fun. Last year was my first year riding, and the Melon was my first ever event.

The Beanzie, well I liked the way the rest stops were, as the first one was 13 miles in, then the second one was 23 miles. The course itself was hard, yes I have trained on much of the course before, but the hills, and yes there are hills in Illinois, were murder on my legs. The part leading up to the second rest stop was hell. The hard part started coming into the Shabbona Forest Preserve. That was a lot of steep hills, and painfull. The hardest part of it was the rest stop was on the other end of the forest preserve, so we had to go 3 miles or so into the place. It was mostly hills, the stop itself was kool, the main problem was by the time I got there, there wasn't much to choose from food wise. So thankfully I packed a couple of power bars in my bag just in case. Plus I refilled my water and gatorade. It was a nice sight seeing the lake there, I took a picture it is on my facebook page.

I will do this ride again next year hopefully, and will complete whatever I can

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