Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life On A Bike, Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

It's been way to long since i've been on the bike. Since my father has been in the hospital, I unfortunatly haven't really taken much care of myself. I haven't exercised at all. I haven't eaten healthy or even really watched what I ate. I need to get back to being healthy. Mainly because the extra weight is hurting me. My back and hip are very painfull right now.

Today, I rode from home to Good Samaritain Hopsital in Downers Grove. I took, Warrenville road to Finley. Then Finley up north to Butterfield, or actually the frontage road next to there. It was really wet the entire way, with the big snow melt. Traffic really wasn't that bad, as I only got honked at once. Then onto Main St and to the hospital. The hill just before the hospital wasn't much fun, but oh well.

It was 8.1 miles there, mainly because I had to find a place to lock up the bike at the hospital. Visited with dad then had to come home before it got too dark. I had my lights with me and I used them the entire way home. It was around 48 degrees today, and felt good. I went the same way home, but had to make a few adjustments because of rush hour and the diffrent direction that I was coming from.

In all I went 16.1 miles of fun. The funny thing is my hip really didn't hurt when I was riding, it's killing me right now while I sit and type.

It is back indoors the next two days, with 20 mile per hour winds, and having to be at work at 7 am.

month 26..6, year 267.9, hours 24:53, total, 11,184.2

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