Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life On A Bike, Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Today, i went the furthest I have gone all year long, 34.2 miles. It was on the stationary bike, and took 105 minutes. You know what though it felt good. I started to read the book by Michael Waltrip, and got almost halfway thru it. Good book, so far, looking back on his career. Still have to get to the point were the crash in the 2001 Daytona 500 happends. That will be hard to read as I am a big Dale Earnhardt fan.

The legs feel good, and even the hip feels good. It was really hurting me at work today. I don't know why but when I ride the day before the hip and back don't hurt nearly as bad. I guess I get stretched out or something.

I have one more thing on my mind. I have riden for the past three years for the American Kidney Fund in honor of my father, Alan. He is a dialysis patient for the past seven years. Some friends have been donating a penny for every mile I ride throughout the year to the Kidney Fund. The Fund has helped my family a lot with money and equitment.

I say this because my father has been in the hospital for over a month now after suffering a stroke on the 17th of January. It is really hard not to have him at home. That is the reason I didn't ride for a month, I was so busy with him that I let myself go. I need to get my life back together, and do things for him and in honor of him. Basically grow up, and take care of myself more than I already do. I miss not being able to have him encourage me to go and ride the bike at the gym every night. It is hard to see him in the rehab hospital day after day having to relearn how to speak and how to eat. He still doesn't have complete control of him face and him speech is slured. It is really hard to watch, that with him dialysis, makes me wonder how much more good times there will be with him.

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