Saturday, December 5, 2009

White Sox

The White Sox have upgraded their bench this offseason, they have signed Mark Kotsay, Omar Vizquel and Andrew Jones. That is a start for them on the bench. Yes, I believe it is an upgrade over last years bench, only in the fact that it has a lot more expierence pitch hitting wise. Kotsay can play corner outfield or first base. Vizquel who was a fantastic shortstop, they now wanthim to play a more utility role. Meaning he will have to play second and third also. We will see how he handles that at his advanced age.

Andrew Jones was once a great hitter, he was once an all star. Everything went south for him all of a sudden in one year in Atlanta. He is an upgrade in the outfield off the bench. Can he return to his former glory?

What the Sox need is an outfield, they set Jeremaine Dye free. Alexis Rios is really a distaster. I dont think he will make it as a starting outfielder. He doesnt seem to be able to hit, hit for power, or seem that interested sometimes.

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