Saturday, December 5, 2009

Greg Zaun Signs with Milwaukee

Greg Zaun signed with the Milwaukee Brewers to be their back up catcher. The 38 year old major league vetern will be entering his 16th major league season. He was an original Kane County Cougar back in their first year in existance in 1991.

Zaun would spend the entire year here as the starting catcher before moving up the ladder year by year in the Baltimore Orioles system. He left the O's in 1996 after spending parts of four seasons with AAA Rochester.

He would get to play for a World Series as the back up to Charles Johnson on the 1997 Florida Marlins, before moving on to Texas, Kansas City, Houston, and Colorado.

He would be able to spend five years with the Toronto Blue Jays as their backup catcher from 2004-2008. In 2009 he played for both Tampa and Baltimore.

Greg started out the season as the starter, basically filling in untill super prospect Matt Wieters was ready to make it to the majors. After that he moved on to Tampa.

Zaun is a career .251 hitter with 86 homers and 432 runs batted in. He has played in 1204 games in the majors.

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