Saturday, December 5, 2009

Only 125 More Days Till Opening Day

Well I rode to work today, it was 25 degrees and the wind chill was 14. The wind was blowing hard out of the west. I made it with no problems. Work sucked but oh well. Thats a story for another day. Thankfully when I got off a 4pm, I ate, and then got offered a ride home.

Coming home I would've been going straight into the teeth of the wind the entire way home. Plus there was frost on the ground and I dont really want to deal with ice.

The training for next season is going well. i went this evening after watching my Hawks lose, over to the gym. Rode 20 miles and did weights. I have the next three days off work, so I probly will spend a lot of time sitting on my ass here in front of the computer working on the website, and over on my ass at the gym on the dam stationary bike. It is supposed to get into the 30's tomorrow and on Sunday. Then we get snow and mid 20's. I hate winter.

The Hawks were probly trying to do too much with the puck tonight, and not getting shots on net, and getting in the way of the goalie. He had clear vision of the shots and was great. Huet also let in two goals in the last five minutes to make it a 4-1 loss. There goes eight in a row at home. Tomorrow they play the deffending champs in Pittsburgh. I have to miss most of the game since I have a dinner to attend.

Cougar news. Greg Zaun, who was an original Cougar in 91 was signed by Milwaukee. He is 38 yrs old.

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