Monday, October 26, 2009

Only 164 More Days Till Opening Day

Well, today, was a full four hour day at work, having my hours cut this bad really sucks, but oh well at least I have a job to go to every day, so I am thankfully about that.

Came home and got a shitload of 2009 schedules in the mail via trades. I only need 43 more to complete the set of all of pro baseball.

Went and worked out, day two of the offseason training program

5 miles on the bike, then start with the weight machines on the arms, there are five exercises that im not exactly sure the names of that I do. Plus a weight with the legs on the same machine. Then off to do 20 situps. After that its free weights for the arms, again im not sure of the names of the exercises but there is two of them. Follow that up with a legs weight machine exercise up to 40 times. Then right now im up to 0.16 miles on the treadmill. Only because im not supposed to run because of my sciotica. Then its another 5 miles on the bike to close it off.

I do the same rutine everdays. The only changes is if I ride to work, then I dont have to get my riding part in and only have to do the weights. I hope to loose 15 pounds by April.

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